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Corporate culture representative of Liaoning Kaixin Group——Corporate Culture
Among all mammals, the most emotional, resilient, accomplished is the Wolf - British zoologist - Shaw Ellis
A growing enterprise is like a hungry Wolf. Wolves have three characteristics, the first is sharp sense of smell, the second is indomitable, desperate, never tired of the spirit of attack, and the third is the consciousness of group struggle. Similarly, if an enterprise wants to expand, also must have these three characteristics of the Wolf. -Ren Zhengfei
As one of the most important team spirit, Kaixin's Wolf totem spirit can be summarized in the following words: learning, innovation, benefit, teamwork. In Wolf culture, learning and innovation represent a sharp sense of smell, benefit represents the spirit of aggression, and teamwork represents the spirit of group struggle.
Shape the "Wolf" and "practical" corporate culture.
The core of teamwork is mutual help. Kaixin Group advocates "Wolf Spirit", and Wolf has three characteristics: the first one is to have a good sense of smell; the second is quick reaction; the third is the discovery of prey collective attack. Kaixin Group believes that the Wolf is a model for enterprises to learn from, and wolf nature will never go out of style.

选择良才/ 魔鬼培训/ 制度化用人/ 有效激励

Liaoning Kaixin Group Corporate Culture
Enterprise vision: Create high-quality battery and a green life
Core values: Quality leads the future
Strategic thought: Kaixin brand is world-renowned
Management concept: system determines efficiency, details determine success
Marketing concept: Target market segmentation to meet customer needs
Customer concept: Focus on customer needs, innovative service concept
Brand concept: professional to create quality, quality to create brand
Business concept: With painstaking efforts to integrate the business philosophy, make the corporate culture growing strong
Research and development concept:questioning, innovation, flexible, realistic, grittiness
Quality concept: Put the life into the product, the product will live in the market
Talent concept: Talent is the source of enterprise development, and culture is the cradle of talent

Company's core values are: "Quality leads the future", We insist that product quality is the life of the enterprise on the basis of technology as the forerunner, manufacturing as the fundamental, constantly improve the quality and staff skills, Strictly quality control created Kaixin top-ranking products, laid a strong foundation for made in China.
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