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How To Find Auditions

Find auditions through School

If you are still in high school, start out with your drama and acting teachers. Many music, acting and drama teachers are also performers themselves. Many are involved in community theatre, know casting directors and may even do some professional work. If you tell them that you are interested in getting some acting and modeling experience and are in search of auditions, they will be more than willing to let you know when they hear of something. Finding auditions may be the result of an inside tip from someone you know. If you're in university or college studying the performing arts, you've got a whole range of possibilities at your fingertips. Your professors or trainers could be huge part in helping you find auditions

Links To Auditions Notices

  • - extensive database of actors and models. A multi-searchable database of actors and models pictures and resumes intended for the use of casting professionals.
  • - A large Free on-line database auditions & castings. You can find movie auditions, commercial auditions, auditions for kids and Broadway auditions.
  • - Online auditions, casting notices, open auditions and casting calls for modeling and acting from all over the world.
  • - Casting Calls, open casting, auditions, open calls and Acting job data base with updated auditions information

Other ways how to find auditions

A good way to finding auditions is through personal contacts. If there was ever a business that relies on your ability to charm and befriend people, this is it. The key to finding auditions is getting the right contacts and telling everyone that you are trying to find auditions for. Don't ever assume you need to tell them ahead of time, or it will never occur to them to let you know.

Find auditions and theatre auditions trough Community Theatre

Community theatre is not only a very good place to get experience, it also offers a lot of contact possibilities and theatre auditions. You'll find everything from retired professionals to actors who act on the side. Getting exposure as a performer in your community is also very helpful find theatre auditions. Another great thing about community theatre is that once you have been in one show with them, they more likely to consider you a 'member' and you will receive newsletters and updates about future productions and theatre auditions.

Books about auditions

Books can't provide an up-to-date audition listing. What they can do though, is provide you with job-searching information. There are listings of casting directors and agents, theatre companies, mailing lists, etc. You can also find casting directors and agents right here: Casting Directors. Also, if you're new to the industry, there is nothing more educating than reading books by someone who is in the business for quite a while and knows both the successes and failures of the business.

Find auditions using Newspapers and Magazines

Many Newspapers contain auditions listing in their classified section however they are not a completely reliable or complete resource. There are some trade magazines for the modeling and acting industry which include auditions for movies, auditions movie, commercial auditions, auditions for kids, Harry potter auditions, singing auditions, dance auditions, dance auditions, TV auditions, theatre auditions, music auditions Broadway auditions and open auditions listings, however these may not be useful to you unless you live in a large city in which one of these periodicals is published.

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