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Dance Auditions

Dance Auditions General Procedure

Typically the auditions consists of a warm up and then a dance routine of some description. Once the audition is over, the choreographers have a list of numbers of the people they would like in their dance. When all the auditions have been done, the choreographers have a long meeting to sort out who will be in each dance. Some dancers are asked to be in too many dances (i.e. more than they want/can be in), so the clashes have to be established and sorted out.

What to Bring to dance Auditions - Yourself, Comfortable Clothes and Water

Just come prepared to dance, with clothes you can move in (i.e. not jeans) and shoes that won't mark the studio floor. With large numbers of people working out together the auditions can get quite hot, so bring a bottle of drink too. But basically, you don't really need anything but yourself- just the energy and enthusiasm to join in!

The audition are usually choreographers. They have an idea of how many and the type of dancers they want. Auditions are separated into different style dances, so they select who they want from the most appropriate session. Depending on what choreography is approved, usually there are auditions for:

  • Street Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Contemporary
  • Salsa
  • Break

A choreographer might be selecting dancers from auditions that they want audition for too - for example, they may be choosing people from the jazz class, but they want to try out to be in a jazz dance different from their own. So do not be put off if your auditioners are switching between dancing with you in the audition and then sitting out and watching at the front

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