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Auditions tips

What to do in Auditions:

  • Initial contact – be friendly and professional.
  • Find out what they are looking for and determine whether or not you fit the criteria.
  • Present a professional image (you don't have a second chance to make a first impression).
  • Take control of the situation (plan what you are going to play and do)
  • Be on time ready and warmed up
  • Be professional – Dress for the occasion, keep yourself in good shape.
  • Don't oversell yourself but be confident and assertive.
  • Wear a smile and act like you're having a good day even if you aren't.
  • Introduce yourself - Speak clearly
  • Look people in the eye
  • Communicate if you have a legitimate problem (long before the audition)

What Not to Do in Auditions:

  • Do not wear shorts, jeans, hats, etc.
  • Do not make excuses or apologies (for anything)
  • Do not draw attention to problems (the casting director may not notice)

How to Audition:

  • Know the material better than anyone else! –This is the key to a successful auditions.
  • Be personable. – Show that others are able to get along with you.
  • Attitude – Be cooperative and extremely diplomatic.
  • If you have opinions, but try and not be to forceful with them in auditions environment.
  • Keep a positive attitude and you will have respect from the others in the auditions.
  • Be friendly, but be yourself. People can usually see through facades.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to do everything (get up early, have a meal, arrive early)
  • Avoid overpracticing, which may cause nerve problems and fatigue
  • Warm up well and practice auditions material
  • Don't be afraid to come and try auditions!
  • Come and simply show off what you have to offer, however experienced you are
  • Don't shy away if you are a beginner.
  • Maintain a positive appearance even if you do not think you audition well
  • Evaluate the auditions experience

What Not to Say in Auditions:

  • I haven't had a chance to practice.
  • I didn't know...
  • What would you like to hear?
  • Nobody told me...

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