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The Auditions process

Acting skills and auditioning skills are completely different. Unfortunately most schools only teach Acting and Modeling skills. But without Acting and Modeling skills your talent may forever be undiscovered.

It all starts with the audition and can just as easily end there. It is important to know how to get through the complicated maze of auditions and landing that important role.

When you walk into an audition, the first thing he must do is forget about the negative thoughts associated with auditions. You must take out of you head the notion: "I hate auditions;" "If I only had more time, I’d be so much better;" or any other negative thoughts. You must replace all of these negative with positive thoughts, such as: "I love auditions!" "I enjoy the audition process." It sound simplistic, but it works.

There are many common errors that most inexperienced actors and models make and there are many details on proper etiquette for auditions and cold readings which include strategies and techniques in order to have a more successful audition experience.

Auditioning is an entirely different process. If you are a model or an actor, you walk into the casting director’s cramped office, where people sit in and judge your every move, and you’re asked to perform by yourself without props, a set or other actors. Very rarely have any time to prepare and usually you have little information about the character or the script. You may feel as if you have no control over your audition and you leave it up to luck when you do land a part. The audition process is an intimidating one, it can also be a frightening, embarrassing and even abusive experience. Certainly, this is not the most supportive environment for an actor or a model.

Once you get rid of the negative thoughts that hinders you ("I hate auditions," "I can’t do this," "I’m not good enough") you can then focus on the specifics. You’ll go in prepared. You’ll own your audition! It's important for you to learn how to relax a little and enjoy the process. If you properly condition yourself, you can have really fun with auditions! If you’re not going to have fun with the process, maybe this it not for you.

Many aspiring actors are constantly looking to find a way to feel better with this terrible must they call "auditions." Many come because they’ve heard I can work miracles with actors or models preparing to audition; some arrive at the strong request of their agents or managers; others may have nowhere else to turn - they’ve taken countless acting classes but still aren’t booking jobs. Most actors and models are at their wit’s end.

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